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December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

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This is the last day of 2010. Ok, I am talking about the year 2010. I wish you all an enjoyable new year’s eve – champagne and all – and then of course all the best for 2011!

This definitely not the last day of “twenty-ten”, 2010 as in SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and what have we. Twenty-ten is full swing: launched officially, used in real life and talked about a lot.

Actually, what is making my day this last day of 2010 is not twenty-ten as such. It is The New World of Work, which allows me to work from home.

We don’t need the latest & greatest technology for that. The client who I work for today is not using twenty-ten, but SharePoint and Office 2003. But I have a laptop that connects me to their network. And we have an agreement that working from home is perfectly fine, as long we get the job done.

In any case, most of my project contacts at this multinational client are based in other countries. So we work in team sites rather than in physical locations. We discuss our projects in Live Meeting rather than real life meetings. We talk via e-mail, communicator and, when things get complicated, over the phone.

Today our conversations mostly pertain to champagne, fireworks and other holiday related subjects. I could easily interrupt that to open the door for the delivery guy who brought me my party ingredients for tonight. But over the last weeks I have been working from home more seriously. The bad weather blocked the trains or at the very least delayed them substantially. And I was extremely pleased to be able to work from home and actually get things done, instead of wasting my time on freezing platforms, waiting for trains that did not arrive.

So I’m all set for the new year, even if we get more snow and ice. And I have interesting things to look forward to in 2011: my client is going to leap from 2003 straight to 2010 in 2011, and we’ll have a huge new productivity platform to conceive, create and get adopted.

Happy New Year!

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