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July 31, 2011

[SharePoint] Check permissions the easy way

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Sometimes simple features can make your life a lot easier. What makes me happy just now, is the option to check easily if a particular person has access to the documents I want her to read.

In older versions of SharePoint, I have to look manually, to see if the person is listed in the permissions overview. But that may require a lot of clicking and digging, if the permission structure of the site is complex: opening a dozen site groups to see if the person is in one of them.

In SharePoint 2010 there simply is a button Check Permissions that tells me exactly what permissions the person has in at the level where I am checking, because they are a member of which site groups.

As a site owner, click in the ribbon Page > Library Permissions

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon: Library Permissions

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon: Library Permissions

Click Check Permissions

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon: Check Permissions

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon: Check PermissionsSharePoint 2010 Pop-Up: Check Permissions

Enter the name of the person and click Check Now. Then you’ll get an overview of the person levels given to that person, and through which group they were given that permission.

SharePoint 2010 Pop-Up: Check Permissions

What dampens my spirits a bit, is that I still don’t see an overview at the site level of the separate permissions the user has on ‘disinherited’, specifically secured lists and libraries. The result of the Check Permission just mentions a Limited access, which implies that the group has specific access to a particular list or library. But it does not tell me which library and what permissions. Oh well…

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