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April 30, 2013

It’s on the Team Site!!

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We develop spiffy solutions, smart systems for knowledge sharing, efficient support for business processes, fun feeds and conversations. But we still have a lot to gain with the basics of team sites, plain and simple.

I just watched these videos again. They are not new, they are quite silly… but they reflect situations that I still encounter in real life in 2013.

My laptop actually fritzed the other day. Completely unsalvageable, just before I had to leave for a business trip to Australia… sigh… But I did not lose anything important, because it all lived in team site lists and libraries. So I could get a replacement laptop and download what I needed to use offline on the flight.
But too often I see people search frantically for documents that they have somewhere on the wrong computer, somewhere in there e-mail, not sure who has the last version.

There we go “It’s on the TEAM SITE!!” We say that a lot, to anybody who asks for a document, the team’s holiday planning, the issues we found when testing…

It’s the new RTFM: Read The Fine (ahum..) Team Site!

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