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June 5, 2022

New technology is fine but what about our way of working?

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I am often involved in the roll-out of Microsoft 365, though sometime only at a late stage. The technical implementation usually gets most attention from the project team. But recently I heard from innocent end users at two clients that they were unhappy. Ok, they get new tools. And at some point they learn which buttons to push to operate the tools. But how are they supposed to work, now that the tools are rather different? What is the way of working now?

Things these innocent end-users were wondering about include:

  • I need to share a document with someone outside our organization. How am I supposed to do that now? In the Teams environment they gave us? Or in the OneDrive you just talked about?
    That was a very good question, especially because their Team only allowed for internal users and the organization has blocked external sharing in OneDrive. But it has to be very clear which method of sharing people should use in what situation.
  • I do see the advantage of the chat functionality in Teams. But a lot of the information I need to communicate is confidential. Am I allowed to put that in the Teams chat?
    We can implement technical solutions to protect our sensitive data, but it is key that they users understand what they should and should not do.
  • You say that we will get a Teams environment for our pharmacy. But in our pharmacy team, only the mail pharmacist has a computer and an account. The assistants don’t. So how are we supposed to collaborate with them using Teams?
    It has to be clear if we involve firstline workers and task workers who are not working on their computer or other electronic device most of the day. And if they are not involved, so our scenarios for collaboration and communication using Microsoft 365 make sense for the people who often work with firstline workers?
  • You say that we should use SharePoint for document management, but we still have several fileshares. Can we keep using those, or what are we supposed to do?
    In the transition from the old way of working, using old tools, to the new way of working, the users need to know what the plan is: is it a phased approach and when will what be migrated, should they request their own SharePoint site or Team if their old file location was not part of the original migration?
  • You are setting up this information portal about Microsoft 365, but who will be responsible for keeping it up-to-date? And for that matter, who is responsible for Microsoft 365 in our organization?

So we need to determine what the new way of working is, with the new tools. Not just for the obvious knowledge workers in the head offices, but also for the different types of users in the organization. Including the firstline workers if they should be involved. Or clarity about their non-involvement…

Some users will figure it out for themselves, but others feel less confident in their own savviness or more afraid they will do something stupid that will harm the organization. Let’s avoid these problems and stress. Of course the people in IT and the external consultants cannot come up by themselves with a way of working for the different types of users everywhere in the organisation. And they don’t have to.

We need to involve key users / ambassadors / champions / whatever you call them from different parts of the organization. These people can help figure out what the best way of working is for their team. And then they can help their colleagues to adopt that new way of working.

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