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September 29, 2022

Ambassador network

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We implement new technology and things like a new modern workplace. We try to help employees adopt it, to gain the benefits from it. But if we only address the users from a staff team at headquarters, the adoption will probably fail The new system needs to be embedded in the organization. And for that, we love an ambassador network.

The network may have different names and different nuances, but in essence I am talking about a network of people based in the various parts of the organisation who inspire and help their colleagues to work optimally with the system.

The key things we need from this networks:

  • Help their colleagues
  • Gather feedback from the colleagues and

Key responsibilities may be clustered in the same people or caried out by different roles:

  • Key users who have elevated permissions. They can help colleagues who need something set up of configured, for example.
  • Experts, who know the ins and out of the system. They can help colleagues who do not understand how to use the system.
  • Ambassadors, who are enthusiastic about the system and see how it can benefit their team . They can inspire their colleagues, and help them apply the system to their team specific needs optimally.
  • Business sponsors

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