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February 18, 2009


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A physicist by training, I developed in my PhD thesis a model for scientific articles in an electronic environment.
After that, I moved my interest in information structures and user needs to a different domain: business analysis. Working at a design agency specializing in web design, I was responsible for the functional design and interaction design of complex websites.

My work
Now, I work at the Information Worker Solution Center of Macaw, where I am doing intranet and extra projects since 2004: portals and collaboration sites for various clients, from hospitals to multinationals. My focus is on the business side, and how I can help the business achieve their goals.

Macaw is a IT service company that does innovative projects using Microsoft technology. We develop internet sites, Information Worker solutions, applications and BI solutions, and we also provide services like business consultancy and application services.

In my line of work, it is hard to pinpoint the job title that best fits what I do: business analyst, information analyst, functional designer, information architect, … Currently, my official job title is Information Worker consultant.

My blog
This blog allows me to jot down my notes and thoughts, share them and discuss them.  It is mostly on information worker stuff and internet.


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