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June 30, 2012

How many people visit what – Intranet statistics

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The first parts of our new SharePoint Online intranet are in use, so we want to know what works and what doesn’t. We ask our users what they think about our new intranet. But we also want some statistics, such as: how many people visit which sections of the new intranet.

Unfortunately, Office 365 does not have analytics functionality at this stage. Third party tools like Axceler’s ControlPoint cannot offer these analytics until Office 365 makes the numbers available. And we’d rather not let Google enter our secure intranet to do its analytics.

Until we have something better, we have some usage details per site

  • Unsupported – These are not supported and not entirely correct. At the very least the page views and visits per day are sometimes shifted a day. But they give us some sense of the site usage.
  • Shortcut – As they are unsupported, there is no link in the site settings, so we use a shortcut:
  • Seperately per subsite – You need to check the usage details separately for every subsite.
  • Last 30 days only – The numbers are only available for the last 30 days. So we copy them to a file to keep a longer sense of our intranet history.
  • Numbers of page views and of unique visitors– The usage details tell us how many visits we get per day in the different sections, and that they are  increasing.

    Usage details - Number of Unique Visitors

  • Top pages– We can see which news articles, which videos are viewed most.  Blog articles and discussion items are not pages, so we can only check how often their overview page is visited.

    Usage details - Top Pages

This gives us some sense of site usage. But we are definltely looking forward to some serious analytics that are less time consuming and more informative.

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