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August 31, 2017

DIWUG eMagazine article: How do we get users to adopt Office 365?

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When the IT department rolls out Office 365, we cannot assume that all users in the organization automatically adopt it and keep adopting the new options that appear regularly. An ongoing user adoption program solves this problem. In an article in the DIWUG eMagazine, I dive into the question what the fuss is about and how to plan for ongoing adoption.

DIWUG is the Dutch Information Worker User Group. They organise community events in The Netherlands and publish a magazine that exists in a print version as well as a downloadable version; the magazine is in English. To read the article How do we get users to adopt Office 365? , you can Download DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine #19

In the article, I discuss

  • Phase 1: Envision what you need from the start, zooming in on champions
  • Phase 2: Get the users onboard, zooming in on help & training
  • Phase 3: Keeping driving value, zooming in on measurement


June 23, 2010

DIWUG slides 22 juni : SharePoint 2010 [dutch]

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This is for the Dutch Information Worker User Group, hence the Dutch talk and slides

Dit zijn de slides die ik gisteravond heb laten zien in mijn DIWUG presentatie (ppt, 4MB):

No-code information worker solutions met SharePoint Designer 2010
Kenniswerkers willen effectief en efficiënt samenwerken. Met SharePoint 2010 kunnen hiervoor nog betere oplossingen gerealiseerd worden. En met SharePoint Designer 2010 kunnen we die oplossingen gebruikersvriendelijker inrichten en uitbreiden, zonder te programmeren.
In deze sessie kijken we vanuit een functioneel perspectief naar een paar van dit soort oplossingen en hoe je ze kunt configureren met SharePoint Designer 2010.
Spreker: Frédérique Harmsze – Macaw

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