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August 31, 2015

Office 365 help desk card in the question mark icon?

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Sometimes little things can make a difference. Recently, I made a client happy when he saw that we could point users to the helpdesk of their organization by way of the question mark icon prominent on every Office 365 page.

Office 365, with SharePoint Online, is quite user friendly. Nevertheless, there are always users who have questions about it. And they should get answers quickly and easily. Some of their questions pertain to the functionality of Office 365 in general, but some questions are specific to your organization.

Office 365 has a question mark icon at the top right of each page. That is a likely entry point for a user who has a question. But that only leads to generic Microsoft information. Legal stuff? About privacy? Quite important of course, but not what the average, innocent end-user is looking for.

Office 365 question mark menu

The question mark icon in Office 365 offers links to Microsoft information


Fortunately, you can add contact details of your organization’s help desk or “helpful person” if you don’t have an official help desk: phone number, e-mail address and a link to the team site or website dedicated to that help desk.

Question mark menu with help desk card

Additional information about the organization’s help desk in the question mark menu


To set this up, you need Administrator permissions, but no coding skills whatsoever. You can set these data in Admin > Company Profile > Custom help desk. See also Microsoft’s help about this help desk card.
Please note: saving and refreshing the page is not enough to see the result. You need to sign out and sign back in to see your card.

Custom help desk settings

Set the help desk card in the Admin section > Company profile > custom help desk

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